Settling In…..

Settling In…..

The last few posts have been haphazard, apologies for that. I thought I could just land in Thailand and start blogging straight away.  It took me a few days to get settled in and acclimatised, which I am still trying to do.  The temperature is around 32 degree c and making me constantly tired.  Also, it does not help that I am not drinking enough water!

Saturday night I met a couple of friends and we went out, they were drinking whiskey whilst I was on the water.  It was a strange ‘private members club’ We walked in through the staff entrance, let’s just say it was a very surreal experience.  Just to add, in our section the only entertainment was a band playing in front of a football match!

IMG 0930

(Not what you expected?)

On Sunday I relaxed at the local pool, the water was freezing…..which in the heat you would think I would welcome but I needed warm water.  It took me a while to get used to the temperature.

Sunday swim

Sunday evening was tough for me and I was ready to go back to England, my uncle had sent me some pictures of when my mum was young.  As some readers will know, mum passed away a few months ago.  Mum is always on my mind and at the moment it is like a roller coaster ride, some days I remember mum with a smile, some days I break down and cry.  This made me realise that this journey to good health will not just be physical but also mental.

Monday was a whole new day, through good support of friends, I decided to stay and achieve my goal of losing 25kg.

In the afternoon I trained, forgetting how intense the heat is, luckily between rounds, there is a huge container full of ice water.

My first coffee in Thailand

Tuesday was spent at Salaya shopping mall, where I picked up a few essentials and had a coffee.  My first one since arriving in Thailand.

Salaya Central Plaza

Today, Wednesday I felt more settled, hence the long post!

Drinking around 2 litres of water a day, perhaps I should be drinking more and the good news is that so far I have lost 5kg in body weight, probably water but I will take this as a win!

My First Session…..

My First Session…..

Current Weight: 95kg

Target Weight: 70kg

Press ups in this session: 40, Target: 100 per session

Sit ups in this session: 70, Target: 500 per session

I had my first Muay Thai session on Friday afternoon, it was exhausting, especially in this heat and humidity. We started by skipping for 30 minutes, then bag work, where one would kick and punch the bag. This was followed by 5 rounds with the pad-man, in-between rounds, one does 10 squats and 10 press-ups.

Afterwards, I ran back to the accommodation, had a shower and this delicious food.

Very tasty and healthy Thai food, yes I ate it all!



On the weekdays I have started teaching English. This starts at 8 pm and is for an hour. If you are in the area please do pop in!

Bubble Me Bubble Tea & Punk
Lumpini Condo Town

I have 6 students who are very good at conversational English but just need to build up their confidence.

One of the students bought me this very tasty gift

No I have not tried to smoke it! Inside the leaf which has been cooked is a very sweet coconut.
I taught the students always to ask themselves the following when writing:


My father taught me this 30 years ago, amazing how I am now teaching this!!


Why no weight loss…..?

Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on September 13 2013: 88.5kg

I have been training for two weeks and still not had any weight loss!! In fact my weight went up to 90 kg before coming back down to 88.5 kg!!
Just do not understand this, am I not destined to loose weight?!?! Am I loosing weight and the lump stuck to my intestine is gaining weight??

As you know, training is twice a day followed by a meal. Therefore two meals a day. Back home I train once a week and eat three times a day plus inbetween snacking……even then my weight has been 88 – 90kg.

Any suggestions on where I am going wrong…..?




From WPT Gym there are a number of ways of getting to downtown Bangkok:


Pro: door to door service

Con: Expensive


Pro: free

Con: time consuming and can be very tiring in the hot weather


Pro: cheap

Con: can take up to two hours depending on traffic

I decided to try the bus, especially as today I was visiting the Gurdwara. The bus stop is on the main road and shows which busses stop there.

Bus number 60 will take you from this bus stop to the Grand Palace and costs 23 Thai Baht each way, a bargain!
Once you see the bus coming you have to flag it down, otherwise it will drive past you.
On the bus you just find a seat, the ticket inspector will come to you and ask your final destination, they will then give you the price.

For email subscribers:

Bus number 60

Information on bus number 60:



Minburi – Pak Khlong Talard


  • Regular bus()
  • Air-conditioned bus
  • Air-conditioned bus



04:00 – 22:30



Siam Water Park, Raminthra Rd.,Safari World, Fashioniceland, Minburi Nawamin Rd., Klong chan , Nida Uni., Bang Kapi , lamsari Intersection, Ramkhamhaeng Rd., Klong Ton Intersection, Phetcha Buri Rd., Pratumwan, Yomarat, Larn Luang Rd., Phan Fa Bridge, Ratcha Damnoen Klang Rd., Democracy Monument, Rateha Damnoen Nai, Emerald Buddha Temple,(Wat Phra Kaew), National Museum, National Tehatre, Grand Palace, City Pillar Shrine, Rachini Rd., Pak Klong Talard. (Pratunam rachtewee Ramkhamhaeng Uni. Dumnerngarng Road Bang kapi Ramintra Road City court Asia Hotel Lam salee Yak Klongtun Suan Siam Sanam chai Emerald Buddha Temple and Grand palace Fashion Iceland Nida Safari World Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital Ministry of the Interior Ministry of Defence Sridurapha Rd. Phetchaburi Road Yak Urupong Mision Hospital Pratunam complex Metro Deptment Store Department of Land Ban Mo Makkasan Police Station Wang Thong Lang Police Station Huamak Police Station Bangkok Hospital Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital Wat Pho School Panya General Hospital Srisiam Hospital The Bongkok Paly House Wat Ratchabophit Wat Ratchapradit Saranrom Pork The Queen's Gallary Sanam Luang Territorial Defenee Department Demrongrajanuparb Library Wang Woradith/Woradith Palace King Prajadhipok Museum Thammasat University Silpakorn University Srinakharinwirot University Prasanmit Ramkhamhaeng University National Institute of Development Administation Ministry of Social Development and Human Securit Ministry of Th Interior Wat Theplila School Wat Bang Toei School Wat Ratchabophit School Wat Prachetupon School Wat Ratchanatda Worawihan School Wat Dit Hongsaram School



Pak Klong Talard, Rachini Rd., Charoen Rat Bridge, Sanam Chai Rd., Wat Phra Kaeo (Emerald Buddha), Ratcha Damnoen Klang Rd., To Minburi
Picture of bus number 60 (obviously instead of 511 it will say 60)


Just Chilling…..

Just Chilling…..

Just outside the gym we saw this amazing creature just chilling after it had eaten a chicken.

The locals were prodding it and holding it up!! Believe me when I say this snake was very much alive!!


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