After two and a half months in America it is sad to leave such a beautiful country. Some great people and a lot of fantastic sights.

I am a bit angry at people just trying to be nice at face value. We had a lot of invitations to stay, “Mandeep and Sangeet when you are in… must come and stay with us,” we get to their town and call them, they respond “so which hotel are you staying in”!?!?!?

Also we got told on the teacher training that we are part of the big KRI family where ever in the world you go, the ashram will have accomadation, this has been so untrue, we have contacted ashrams only to be told NO or been told “call this person they can help”…when you call them…”you need to call….” It goes round in circles!

Or even the small things “lets stay in touch……..” Afterwards you will never hear from them again.

We would like to thank Gurrinder Singh, Sonpreet Bhatia, Hari Nam Singh, Supreet Singh Manchanda, Sartaj Alag, Harkirat Singh who either accommodated us or were genuinly willing to accommodate us.

People are trying too hard to be nice or positive when in fact they do not mean it….why can you not just be honest? I remember on one of the trips I was honest about something but people did not like it…hey that is just me!

During the teacher training course I have made some great friends……remember guys you are never too busy just to send a quick email even just to say:

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh/Sat Naam/Hi – delete as appropriate!

How are you?”

I would also like to thank Iris Yan for keeping alive during the course, Alex Seaman for being the only one to laugh at my jokes, and Yiota Kotokis for helping me especially before my practicums.

Deva Singh, he helped me so much, especially at a time when I wanted to leave the teacher training…..he is truly an honest guy and says things as they are….I remember going to him and saying I want to leave….he did not give me the speech of why, what has happened, try and stay, he just said “you leave I will never talk to you again!” Just the kick I needed.

Finally I would like to thank Shanti Kaur Khalsa. She is truly a fantastic sister and a great inspiration….look her up on YouTube, her lectures are amazing. This lady truly lives the Sikh way of life, a trip to Espanola is never complete without seeing her.

We are genuine when we say come and stay with us, we truly mean it…there are no charges, you will get fed and any other way we can help we will do… fact we would be offended if you stayed at a hotel in our town!

Saying this, America is the only country I am trying to move to the last thing I want to do is die in England, just with the current economic climate it is difficult. If anyone knows any way please do let me know!

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