Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on October 17th 2013: 86.9kg
I am very disappointed by the fact that my weight has not dropped. I have received many emails saying “don’t let the weighing scales fool you, muscle weighs more then fat”. I just hope it is muscle!!
The training is getting very tough. I am now having one to one sessions with Master Pimu, which is a great honour as I am learning the technicals to Muay Thai. I do the warm ups, which should include running but I walk…..really need to start running but it is so hard as it impacts my knees.
In Muay Thai you block kicks with your shins, so basically shin to shin! I have realised my shins are very weak, when I block a kick they hurt so much, regardless if it is a soft or a strong kick.
I have been told that constant kicking of the bags and pads will toughen my shins!
As I am training twice a day with Sunday as a holiday, by the end of the week I am totally shattered. I think to heal and replace lost energy I need to sleep during the day, which will be very hard as the only thing I can sleep through is boring lectures!
Most days I am constantly hungry in between training sessions, this is very hard to overcome. As yet I have not given in to more food. I am drinking plenty of water, perhaps sometimes too much!!
Sparring is now a regular part of training. When other students are here I will spar with them.
Otherwise I will spar with Master Pimu.
I am still very homesick and missing everybody so much. As I am nearly at the half way point I am hoping the rest of the time goes quickly, but then once I get back home I will probably miss the training. The trick is to enjoy the current moment and not always think about the future…..


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