After a very relaxing morning, we used the time to book a car rental from Auckland to Christchurch this was through Josh at Base Travel at the hostel. nice guy with lots of piercings! We went for Jucy Rentals, the car group we used is called ‘el Cheapo’ just hope it does the job!!! We popped out to Loving Hut for lunch, as well as great food this restaurant also has free wifi a luxury in Auckland! After a fantastic lunch, Sangeet had Singapore rice noodles, I had lemon ‘chicken’ with a portion of ‘duck’ (yes, it was that good!) and chinese half jelly for dessert, we used their wifi to call family in Rotorua, send several emails and book our WWOOFing work in the South Island! We spent about four hours in the restaurant, this was just eating and using their wifi! When we left I was hungry!!

We had a wander around downtown including the malls and went to see the ferry terminal….we then walked up Queen Street towards the library…..we noticed that there are a lot of smokers here, it is just impossible walking without inhaling a lung full of cigarette smoke! Met an interesting guy called Anand at the library. He has lived here for a few years and was telling us about the growth of the Sikh community.

I also noticed how people mostly just do not smile, you smile and usually people smile back, here in Auckland, not many do. A lot of people seem to think they are really stressed here, maybe that is why so many of them smoke!

Once we got to the library we logged on but found the Internet VERY slow. Internet speeds have been around 400kb download and 80kb upload…..painfully slow especially when you have a lot of pictures to upload.

Afterwards we walked Queen Street, there was an an opening speech in the plaza area (Aotea Square) followed by a variety of open air performances. At first they had some majorettes / dancers then had a couple of actors pretending to break out of a prison. Both very good performances. We left during a solo performance by a girl. We then walked to Dosa Plaza where we shared a starter (paneer tikka and naan) and I had a masala tea. For mains we went to another restaurant called:
M17, Elliott Stables
41 Elliott Street
New Zealand
e: [email protected]
t: 09 379 2710

Elliott Stables is a building with many different restaurants and common dining area, this restaurant is lacto vegetarian (also they do not use garlic or onions) we had pakoras which were very nice and crispy tofu with cucumber and crushed peanuts which was okayish, a bit of a boring dish. There drinks are very good. Sangeet ordered a very berry smoothie which was delicious and I had another masala tea!

Afterwards, we walked to the hostel and relaxed in the lounge area whilst our clothes got a much needed wash in the hostel laundry.

By the way the daytime temperature is 17 degrees C and drops to about 10 degrees C at night……for me this is VERY cold!

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