On the way to the Redwood National Park…..

On the way to the Redwood National Park…..

We are travelling north on interstate 101 from Ferndale. Like previously it is a road full of twists and turns. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the main town Eureka. There we stopped for gas. Eureka has the big chain stores and malls which is quite different from the rest of the costal towns. At the gas station a girl greeted me with Sat Sri Akal, I responded and asked if there was a Gurdwara, she said the nearest one is 4 hours away in a town called Redding, as this was out of the way we decided to try and pop in on the way back. Onwards to the Redwoods…….

A few miles out out Eureka the road started hugging the coastline and the view were fantastic.

27 Sep 2012 17:16

After passing a town called Trinidad we came across a very quiet beach.

30 Sep 2012 18:00

30 Sep 2012 18:01

The access to the Redwoods NP is free but you need to get a pass from the visitor information centre, only 50 are issued in any one day. This pass is ONLY required for the Tall Trees trail. So we decided to stay near the information centre in a town called Orick…..the town has three motels. All of them looked like they needed some major work. The only one that had any vacancies had skeletons hanging on the outside!! We turned around and drive to a town called Trinidad….now this is a fantastic little town but the motels are fairly pricey. The first one we stopped at was $56 and had plenty of vacancies…..when you look at it you can understand why! We carried on, the next one was very pricey starting at $200 +!! But hey you did get a free seven course breakfast and I should bloody well hope so! We carried on after three more pricey but very nice motels we stopped at one called Trinidad Inn, the lady was very helpful and gave us a good price on the room. After checking in, I drove down to the local supermarket called Murphy’s, where I bought hummus, gluten free biscuits. A great combination lol!

Let’s stay another night…..!

Let’s stay another night…..!

Our initial plans were to drive up to Mendocino but we wanted to explore Port Reyes a bit more, so we decided to stay another night, unfortunately the hostel was fully booked, so we had to find other accommodation we did not have to travel far to find a very nice hotel, called Point Reyes Seashore Lodge. 10021 Costal Highway 1. P. O. Box 39, Olema, CA 94950. Tel: +1 415 663 9000. Fax +1 415 663 9030. The lady at the reception gave us a suite for a good price:

The hotel is in a town called Olema which has a population of 30!

After securing the nights accommodation we had to eat, well this does make you hungry!!! We drove to the next town called Point Reyes and ate at Station House Cafe. The choice for vegetarians is limited. Sangeet had a salad with fries (their fries are cooked in vegetable oil and separately from the meat, fish etc. so I had onion rings! A healthy lunch!! – can you tell I have taken on a yogic diet!!

Tip: wait 20 to 30 minutes, usually you get a local ordering a fantastic dish which is not even on the menu!

There was a grocery store nearby so after eating we walked there to stock up on supplies, you know the usual essentials, nachos and salsa!

Afterwards, we decided to burn off the lunch and took a walk on the Chimney Rock trail. The views were amazing, we were fortunate to see elephant seals. On the walk back the fog was coming in thick and fast, it was great! As we drove back to Olema the fog started to rise and the temperate rose from 52 degrees F to 58 degrees F.

Elephant seals
25 Sep 2012 16:10

Walk to the coast
25 Sep 2012 16:17

Birds drying themselves!
25 Sep 2012 16:29

Great views
25 Sep 2012 16:38

Fog closing in
25 Sep 2012 16:47

Afterwards we arrived back at the hotel to make use of the room.

Me being artistic!!

View from our bed
26 Sep 2012 08:29

Hotel gardens
25 Sep 2012 18:24

Relaxing day…..

Relaxing day…..

After spending the morning relaxing at the hostel, we went to Pt Bonita lighthouse, on the way we saw a raccoon trying to grab somebody’s lunch, they were in a van with the windows open! Also probably not a good idea leaving food in the car, we had raccoon footprints all over the car. Wish I had their sense of smell I was starving!!!
24 Sep 2012 13:31

The walk to the lighthouse was amazing especially as it was foggy, created a sense of mystery about the area. The waters were smashing against the rocks which was a fantastic sight and sound. One could just make out the Golden Gate Bridge.

For over 150 years, Point Bonita lighthouse has aided ships navigating the treacherous waters of the Golden Gate. It’s welcome beacon continues to greet both mariners and lighthouse visitors alike. With the discovery of gold in 1848, California and the world changed forever. Soon,San Francisco became the main port for gold seekers from around the globe. In 1849, the city’s population leaped from 900 to 20,000!

To lead the new settlers and explorers safely thorough the dangerous waters of the bay entrance, a system of light houses was developed. Alcatraz’s light showed the way for ships directly in front of the Golden Gate and Fort Point’s lighthouse marked the southern edge of San Francisco Bay. Another light house was needed north of Golden Gate to make the entrance recognisable for ships sailing up the coast from the south. That lighthouse became Point Bonita.

24 Sep 2012 13:58

24 Sep 2012 14:04

Bridge to the lighthouse:
24 Sep 2012 14:22

24 Sep 2012 14:21

24 Sep 2012 14:23

Tunnel towards the lighthouse.
24 Sep 2012 14:30

Afterwards we went to the marine mammal centre, 2000 Bunker Road, Sausalito, CA tel +1 415 289-7325, this is where they treat the marine life, e.g. sea lions, the lady who gave us a docent tour is called Deirdre (a volunteer) she did a fantastic job. The cost is $7 and worth every cent, also, all the money goes to the centre.

“Our mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals—their health and that of their ocean environment—and to inspire their global conservation. Our core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community.”

24 Sep 2012 14:49

24 Sep 2012 15:59

24 Sep 2012 15:13

The following picture is made up of smaller pictures of plastic bags!
24 Sep 2012 15:56

We then headed to Saulsalito for a very late lunch, where went to a restaurant called Avtar’s, not sure what the owner is trying to achieve, on the menu was enchiladas with an Indian twist and another dish curry and rise with a jerk twist!! Both meals were awful and definitely cannot recommend this restaurant, we also got told a few days ago, by the owner that there are two kitchens one for veg and the other for non veg. We later saw that the veg and non veg cooking was done in the same area using the same pans! We were in so much of a rush we did not even take a picture of the outside!

24 Sep 2012 17:05

Drive to HI point Reyes hostel on highway 1 was amazing full of sharp bends, you definitely had to keep your wits about you. Unfortunately it was very foggy so we were left wondering what beautiful sights we were missing.

Teaching is addictive…..

Teaching kundalini yoga is fantastic. I taught my second class with the set New Lungs and Circulation. Sangeet and Gurrinder got a very good workout and enjoyed my class.

Hello Washington…..

Hello Washington…..

Just arrived in Washington DC, it has a fantastic vibe and although we have just got here have instantly found a liking to it. Now looking for accommodation and food!






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