The Run…..

The Run…..


At the beginning of the training session, one does a run. The above map shows the run and the sprinting area.
S1 – a lot of the locals dump their trash and boy does it get smelly. In the rainy season it is not as bad, but in hot weather this is awful, so don’t take big gulps of air here!
S2 – this is a house that skins chickens, sometimes the smell is bad.
D1 – this is a nasty dog which chases after you. Usually throwing a stone at it helps keep it away!
D2 – this is a small dog that tries to bite!
M1 – the motorbike taxis, they love football. On a friday and Saturday night they drink on the job. So be careful. Make friends with these guys, as on the odd occasion they will give you a free lift.
10 laps = 7km


Paying it forward…..

Paying it forward…..

From hating Bangkok to actually loving it for what it has given me. It has made me open my eyes to what a rat race we live in, people are just so busy within themselves and not bothered about anybody else. People here are very quick to judge, I have been called Osama, or they think I am an Arab or just a stinking ignorant Indian. When I tell them I am from the UK, they look at me with disbelief.

Apart from one, the Sikhs have been very unfriendly. This has actually stopped me from visiting the Gurdwara. My friend was doing an Akhand Paath, I asked what help can I give, he looked at me confused, help?! We just give the money to the Gurdwara and they take care of everything. We then only attend on Sunday. Here money talks…..!!

In the ‘ghetto’ you see people living in one bedroom houses, sorry that is incorrect and I should say one room houses. Everything is done in the one room, it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room in one, if lucky the toilet is outside. Yet, when you walk past they are happy to say hello and talk to you. Some people are actually offering me food! No matter how little food they have, they are always eating, smiling and joking as a family. We have so much yet we always want more…..!! The media, a fantastic marketing tool always brain washes us into thinking ‘we need that…..!’ Or ‘we should look like this…..!’

There is a huge drinking and drug culture here. From doing a quick search there is no support network here for people to talk or resolve their issues. There is a Kundalini Yoga class downtown but they charge 400 baht per class (about £8 GBP). This is a huge amount of money so the clientele will be well off.

The people in the ghetto have got used to me, well I do stand out! Probably the only guy there with a beard and moustache! They always have time to talk to me. The motorbike taxis are always discussing football, now I do not know a thing about the sport so I just mention a few club names and they cheer me! The stall holders are always asking how am I or where am I going. It is a genuine interest. Of course this relationship did not happen overnight but built over the last three months.

I have got so much out of Bangkok but given back nothing. Now this really upsets me, the Thais are amazing and once you build a bond are very friendly.

If you have any ideas how we can help, please do comment or email me…..


Learn on the go…..!!!

Learn on the go…..!!!

It was 2005 when I first drove a car in America, I was a bit apprehensive, driving on the other side, I thought to myself “wow that will be difficult.” In my mind I had built up what a difficult task it would be. Sangeet and I had hired the car in downtown Boston, at the best time possible, rush hour!!

To my surprise and I think Sangeet's relief, I picked up driving in the USA very easily. Driving around, with Sangeet doing a great job at navigating we found the way out of downtown and was soon driving towards the state parks. These days, when landing in America we pick up a rental car and drive to our destination, regardless of the distance.

Now in Thailand there are a lot of people who ride motorbikes and scooters, it is very cool and you feel the urge to ride. On our six month trip we hired a scooter in the Cook Islands, that is where we first learnt to ride. When I picked it up, the lady asked “have you ridden before” I said no, she suggested that I go for a test ride in the car park….I nearly rode off the edge and into the lagoon!! Sangeet drove the scooter like she has always been riding one!

Yesterday for the first time I rode a motorbike this has four gears, it was such a cool experience, yes, I know before you say, Bangkok is no place to learn, but hey I have been doing Muay Thai for the last three months!!

I can handle and deal with whatever I put my mind to…..


My last full week at WPT Gym…..

My last full week at WPT Gym…..

Wow! How quickly has this arrived!! This is my last full week at WPT Gym, Bangkok.

As Master Pimu has said my training has intensified:

500 sit ups
50 press up (need to improve)
Walk and run to Fashion Island. 6 km return

Running around the ring 20 times in a sweat suit, 30 times just in shorts.
Round knees on bag 150
Pad work sometimes with Bee Muay Thai
Sparring with Master Pimu
Clinching with Master Pimu
Technicals with Master Pimu
200 punches to the stomach from Bee

Running around the ring 30 times
Walk and run to Fashion Island

This is performed twice a day in the evening I will also incorporate light weights.

I hear you ask why starters, mains desserts?
Good question, and my answer is I still think about food…..!!
Is this life…..?

Is this life…..?

Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on November 22nd 2013: 77.3kg


When I started training at the WPT gym in Bangkok, I was so wishing the three months would quickly pass… I have roughly ten days, I am thinking why did I wish the time away…..? Especially as I am making excellent progress with my weight loss and fitness.

This is what could be possible with my current training and diet:

Oops I just read the statement about putting my body in starvation mode!!

This has made me think, is life like this? Are we wishing this wonderful gift of life away? When we are young we are always wishing to be older so we can do ‘adult’ things, e.g. drive a car. Go out traveling, not have to be told what to do. Then when we are adults we are thinking I want to retire…..!

On a Monday one would go to work wishing Friday would quickly arrive. Literally not living and enjoying each moment but always looking towards the future.

This was my experience here, always looking forward to going home and giving Sangeet a huge hug. Sometimes hating being here, especially after the first month when I was training very hard and not making any dent to my weight.

Two years ago when I had the huge weight loss, within 4 weeks I had gone from 95kg to 70kg (so wish I had joined weight watchers, I would have been their ultimate winner, then could have gone on various chat shows, e.g. Oprah and “discussed” how I lost the weight through meditation and yoga, I could have made billions!!) the surgeon without taking any biopsies and whilst I was in theatre fully awake with a camera up my….well I am sure you know where. He announced I had cancer!! The week that followed was just so painful, I was in tears, in fact writing and thinking about it now has started to make my eyes water. Only then I wished I had done the things you are always putting off to the future.

We are always putting things off to the future, “I will go traveling when I retire” or whatever your heart desires. We should make the most of life and do it now. Who knows we may not reach the retirement age…..!!


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