Factory tour…..

Factory tour…..

The host we are staying with Harkirat Singh, manufactures and sells clothes, as he has already made his money this is more of a pastime then having to earn more, to survive.

We went to the shop which he runs with his son, Hargobind Singh.

The shop is pretty big and had some modern looking clothes, the clothes would sell very well to the yoga market.

Afterwards we went with Harkirat to where the clothes are dyed and tested:

The dye factory is based in the area called Coldwater canyon. There is a Wholefoods there so we stopped there for lunch, Wholefoods generally sell a lot of organic produce but is very expensive!

When we arrived home, Sangeet and I took a walk around the area and saw some amazing houses, Beverlywood is a fantastic area.

Beverlywood is bordered by Century City on the northwest, Cheviot Hills on the west, Palms on the southwest, Culver City on the south, Crestview on the east; South Robertson on the north. The district’s boundaries are roughly Robertson Boulevard on the east; the Culver City limits on the south; Beverwil Drive and the Hillcrest Country Club on the west; and Monte Mar on the north. Beverlywood’s principal thoroughfares are Venice, La Cienega, and Robertson Boulevards; Beverwil Drive; and Cadillac and Cattaraugus Avenues; as well as Pico Boulevard.


Largely residential, Beverlywood is one of the centers of Jewish life in Los Angeles. Renowned Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal’s Museum of Tolerance is adjacent to Beverlywood, in Los Angeles (and not, as is commonly thought, in Beverly Hills). The neighborhood is also home to a modest Persian population (many of whom also adhere to Judaism) as well as a notable Israeli American population.
Almost all of Beverlywood’s inhabitants live in single-family homes built between the 1920s and the 1950s, with the oldest homes in the areas near Beverly Hills. Beverlywood contains very few apartment buildings. Contained within the district’s area is the Beverlywood Homes Association. The association is considered one of the most powerful in Los Angeles, having successfully fought off the 1960s up-zoning that occurred in areas such as Palms and West Los Angeles. Homes located within the boundaries of the association generally sell for higher prices than those outside of it, perhaps due to the strict enforcement of restrictive covenants by the association. The boundaries of the association area are roughly Robertson Blvd. on the east, Airdrome St. on the north, Rancho Park on the west, and Cattaraugus Avenue on the south.

Sangeet was reading from the Guru Granth Sahib at 6pm, so we went to the Guru Ram Das Gurdwara, whilst Sangeet read, I tried to fix the blog email issue, still not fixed!!

Guru Ram Das Gurdwara:

For email subscribers:

Guru Ram Das Gurdwara

Afterwards we went to Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont, where Sangeet ordered a dish to go called, I am local (because it uses local produce.)

When we arrived home there was a great smell coming from the kitchen, Hargobind had cooked a very tasty tofu dish, which we all shared.

After dinner Hakirat Singh, Simran Sat Sangeet and Sangeet performed Kirtan. Hargobind Singh played the tablas.


There is a guy on this flight to Chicago listening to ACDC!! Wow that brings back memories, will have to download some of their music.

One last trip to wholefoods…..

One last visit to the Wholefoods in Santa Fe. Then headed to Annapurna’s which unfortunately was closed, so we headed back to Wholefoods, there we met a really good guy called Narayan Singh, he told us about his story and how he ended up in Espanola. We are hoping to catch up with him in New York.


This morning we (Prith, Vladimir, Ms Lindt, Ms Mozambique and myself went to whole foods in Santa Fe to get some supplies and extra fruit, then popped to Body so Vladimir could get a yoga mat and cushion. On the way we were playing a number of songs.

When we arrived back at Espanola, we attended the Gurdwara programme, it was fantastic to see the local sangat, they remember me as Sangeet’s husband, they so love Sangeet here. We then has lunch followed by our first class!! We were told which groups we are to be in, mine is Udaare. A fantastic group where we all just jelled together. We went around each person in the group and say who we are and what/who motivated us to come, I mentioned that Sangeet is a great inspiration and so motivated me to come.

Afterwards, we attended a class held by Nirvair Singh, where we did a yoga kriya followed by Yogi Harbhajan video which had a fantastic kriya.

We then had beet lasagne. Walked down to the Gold House, where we all sat in the communal section and chatted, Brian, one of the house guests played the guitar.

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