Thai Visa…..

Thai Visa…..


I am looking into training in Thailand at the WPT Gym in Bangkok. The teacher is called Master Pimu, it is a basic gym with non of the tourist glitz…basically a great place where one wants to learn the art of Muay Thai. There have been and still are many world champions train at this gym.

At the time of writing if you fly into Thailand, UK passport holders are allowed a stay of up to 30 days. Coming in by land you only get 15 days. If one wants to stay longer then 30 days a visa is required.

When I first looked into a visa I requested a 'ED' visa the consul in Birmingham, UK, informed me that they now issue a 'B' visa.

The following documents should be presented to the Thai Consul:

  1. Correct Fee – £50.00 for single entry and £125.00 for multiple entries (subject to change without notice) Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for three months and one year respectively.
  2. Visa application form completely filled out & signed
  3. Passport with not less than 6 months after your return
  4. Two passport sized photographs taken within the past six months
  5. Letter of acceptance from the concerned schools/universities or institutes – usually a letter from Master Pimu addressed to yourself inviting you onto a Muay Thai course
  6. Official Note certifying the purpose of travel from the Government Agencies /Embassies and Consulates / International Organisations / State Enterprises in Thailand. Master Pimu will send you a letter stating the companies registration details, this will be in Thai

It is also a good idea to email the consul your documents have them check it over and confirm everything is in order before you pop down.

The above information can also be found on:

You have two choices, post the above to the consul or just visit their offices. I went to the one in Birmingham:

Royal Thai Consulate
One Victoria Square
B1 1BD
Telephone : +44 (0) 121 643 9481
Facsimile: +44 (0) 121 643 9485
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8.00am until 11.30am

Don't be fooled by the Regus building, go in and ask to see somebody from the Thai Consul. A staff member comes down and checks your paperwork pops up and literally ten minutes later comes back down with your visa! Simple and fast!

Flights with BA were getting expensive so I booked as soon as possible. on the BA website I tried to pay by cash and Avios points (The name for BA frequent flyers miles) the the cost was 50,000 points and £800 in taxes. The standard ticket is £600!

I called customer services who offered me a ticket for £422 and 50,000 points, which is much more reasonable.

The better option would have been buy a world traveller plus and then use the Avios points to upgrade to business.


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