Sardhana at 3:45am




Caught in the act!!

Taking prashad to the gurdwara

Volunteers giving out prashad

The gurdwara

More then likely you will be lucky to witness a wedding at solstice.

The groom


The bride





Kirtan was amazing and performed by Snatam Kaur and family, literally! Her mother, father and husband were playing various instruments.



A facilitator is on a side stage informing everybody what is going on. I found this very good, especially as it was in English! It also helped people involved with the wedding as it informed them what needs to be done and when.

Kirtan by Ravi Kaur

After the wedding I popped to the laundry, even though we were only traveling for three weeks we are still traveling light.

The afternoon was back to the lectures and more yoga. Sometimes, you feel you are just yoga’d out!!


Yoga in another tent

In the food shelter there were a number of stalls selling food, one was selling dhosa for $10 which in my opionon was very expensive and another was selling roti rolls (chappatti rolled with paneer and potato inside.) for $5.00 a very fair priced for a tasty meal.

As I was unable to handle the solstice diet, I started living off the roti rolls!!

In the evening we headed back to the cabin to find another person sleeping in one of the other bunks!!! Until now we had enjoyed the 4 bunk cabin to ourselves. The cabins have 4 bunks and you pay for the number of bunks required………night!

Amazing Kirtan…..

Amazing Kirtan…..

Today Sardhana was a must. Snatam Kaur was playing first, followed by Chardi Kala Jatha, who recited the Assa Di Vaar. It was sung in three stages today was the first.

Afterwards, we popped to Wholefoods in Santa Fe to pick up some groceries, Sangeet is making Aloo pronthe for dinner.

Back at Shanti phenji's house, Sangeet made aloo pronthe. Everybody enjoyed them and apparently the 'aloo pronthe party' is still being talked about!!

It was great fun for us all to share a meal together, chat and have much laughter!

Sat Nam Fest Day 3…..

Sat Nam Fest Day 3…..

Okay one sardhana was a lot for me so today I had a sleep in!

I was in time for breakfast which is also an achievement for me!

The first concert of the day was by Jai-Jagdeesh she was amazing!

15 Sep 2012 08:46

She also did an amazing dance:

This was followed by a very tough yoga krya with Gurmukh, music by Snatam Kaur

15 Sep 2012 10:44

After lunch where Ravinder and I went for a Chinese! There was a concert by Gurunam Singh:

15 Sep 2012 15:01

Then there was a fantastic session by Mahan Rishi, music by Mirabei Ceiba. What a fantastic combination. Mahan Rishi, if you ever get a chance his classes are certainly worth attending.

15 Sep 2012 16:19

In the evening there was a concert by Snatam Kaur, she just gets better!!

15 Sep 2012 20:27

15 Sep 2012 20:26

Snatam Kaur sings Kirtan Sohilla…this is amazing!

For those of you who just want to listen to the Kirtan Sohilla please forward to 9:19

The day ended on such a high we were so blessed to be able to listen to excellent artists.


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