Spending time with loved ones…

Spending time with loved ones…

Today we went to see Avtar Kaur, more affectionately known as Beji. We first met Beji in 2007 at the amazing Jaap sahib course. Beji is 80 years old but you could never tell, she keeps active. Even though we met Beji and Papaji a few months ago it is a great pleasure to always meet when we are in the Bay Area. As always Beji had made some food which we ate with the many fruits they had bought. Very tasty and filling. Papaji had made us some very tasty carrot celery and apple juice too. We spent about three hours there which just flew by because we were enjoying their company so much.

Buying some fruit before we head over to Beji's

Trying the massage chair, which was very relaxing


Saying our goodbyes


Afterwards we drove to
El Sobrante Gurdwara
3550 Hillcrest Road
El Sobrante, Ca 94803
t: +1 510 223-1102

El Sobrante Gurdwara

Darbar Sahib




El Sobrante Gurdwara

There was an Akhand Paath in a smaller Darbar sahib

Lungar hall


Chopping of vegetables was done on the balcony

View from the Gurdwara

the sangat here felt so familiar. As if we were back at our own local Gurdwara in the UK.

Manicured gardens


We are looking to meet up with my cousin Upkar phenji, Shakti Singh paji her husband and Upkar phenji live in the Bay Area. So whilst waiting for a time and place to meet we decided to head to Berkley and find a nice cafe. We looked like two geeks ipad and laptop out, Sangeet was working on course work, whilst I was playing games and trying to look smart!

Yali's Cafe
1920 Oxford St,
T: +1 510-843-2233





Upkar phenji called to say come to their house and we can arrange where to meet. We got to theirs for around 7:30 pm, to our surprise phenji had cooked an amazing vegan meal. We have not met Shakti paji before. It was fantastic meeting them both and we look forward to many more meetings!


We headed back to Gurrinder paji's house to get a good nights rest, especially as it will be our last night in California.


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