The Run…..

The Run…..


At the beginning of the training session, one does a run. The above map shows the run and the sprinting area.
S1 – a lot of the locals dump their trash and boy does it get smelly. In the rainy season it is not as bad, but in hot weather this is awful, so don’t take big gulps of air here!
S2 – this is a house that skins chickens, sometimes the smell is bad.
D1 – this is a nasty dog which chases after you. Usually throwing a stone at it helps keep it away!
D2 – this is a small dog that tries to bite!
M1 – the motorbike taxis, they love football. On a friday and Saturday night they drink on the job. So be careful. Make friends with these guys, as on the odd occasion they will give you a free lift.
10 laps = 7km




Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on November 2nd 2013: 82.8kg
For the final month of training I have decided to rent an apartment. It is a 10 minute walk from the gym.
At this point I attached some pictures of the apartment and realised my kachera were in full view! so better clean up and take more pictures!
my apartment
The next picture was taken when I first viewed the apartment
As I have stayed in the 'village/ghetto' as I like to call it for two months, people have started to know who I am and become friendly. When I was moving to the apartment people stopped me in the street and asked “are you leaving?” They actually had a sad look! I said I am moving to the apartment at Lumpini Condo Town. They all seemed happy, it felt like the boy from the ghetto had done well!!
As you can see the apartment is very compact, but it is a nice bug free environment. Also, I get hot water, which helps my bruises!
When I was living and training at the gym it just did not feel like I got any downtime, being in the apartment now feels like I get downtime and am able to attend the training sessions with a fresh mind/feel…….in fact I have now even started training in Sundays.
Also, as I am still teaching English and finishing around 9:30pm, I will not have to walk back to the gym, where most of the time the village dogs chase me………I fear dogs, they chase me, snakes scare me and I see so many…..!!


Wpt Gym…..

Wpt Gym…..

Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on September 7 2013: 87.9


The last three days the format has been the same, so instead of three posts looking identical I will do one.

Training starts around 6:30am and lasts for two hours. You go for a run, do your own warm ups and then you will get taught by Master Pimu or do some pad work with Bea.

Master Pimu is fantastic at teaching the technical aspect, the stance, punch, jab, kick etc…if you are here for some time, he does not rush and makes sure you practice every technique until it becomes a habit. Hence the training two times a day. When I was clinching (Clinch fighting (also referred to as clinch work) is the part of stand-up fighting where the combatants are grappling in a clinch, typically using clinch holds. Clinching the opponent can be used to eliminate the opponent's effective usage of some kicks, punches). When my foot hits the ground I was lowering my heal by 1 cm, Master Pimu got another person to hit me each time I did this! Reading that back it sounds like this is a harsh training camp, Master Pimu is a stickler for technique every move has to be precise. If the basics are spot on then you will have a strong foundation.

Master Pimu

Beginning Muay Thai at the age of seven years of age, Pimu was fortunate to be taught by a very distinguished fighter, Lerngsak Sorlupitak, a champion renown for his kicking and kneeing ability. He was also privileged to have trained, for a short time, with one of the greatest MuayThai boxers of all time, Adul Srisothorn the “diamond crown boxer”. This was cut short by Adul’s premature death in a car accident. Adul was a very famous boxer, six times champion famed for his all round boxing ability.With such an excellent pedigree, Pimu himself proved to be a very skilled boxer, having over a hundred fights. However, his ring career was cut short by a serious shoulder injury. After retiring Pimu began training fighters with great success; something he still excels in. He trained his first Champion Tawanok Sitpoonchai thirty years ago and has not stopped since.

The students here at the moment:


The Gym

The gym is about an hour from Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok International Airport,) also about an hour from downtown Bangkok (both times are depending on traffic.)
WPT gym has been designed for westerners as well as Thai champions. The gym employs a number of top coaches from different gyms. Training can accommodate anyone form complete beginners to top professional fighters. A number of top fighters from France, Italy, Japan, Korea, USA, UK and Ireland have trained at the gym with Pimu, Met, Komkrit, Duwao, Manask, Thailand, Sancherng and others. UK Champions who trained at the gym include: Dean James, Liam Robinson, Sheree Halliday, Ronnie Mann (MMA), Karla Hood, Damian Hood, Pete Crooke, Reece Crooke, Frankie Hudders, Johnny Roye and many others. Top coaches training at the gym include:Tony Myers (UK), Pele Nathan (UK), Marco De Cesaris (Italy), Diego Calzolari (Italy) and many others.The gym has strong links with Sinbi Muay Thai gym in Phuket and Pinsinchai camp,Training is available twice a day like all gyms in Thailand. It is possible to negotiate what training you wish to do and the level of training you wish to engage in. At the gym they are equally happy to accommodate those who wish to learn techniques and not train too hard and top fighters who are preparing for a fight. There is a friendly atmosphere at the gym and everyone is made welcome.


Perhaps I should have made my bed before I took this picture!!


The rooms are all ensuite, they are maintained and kept clean.
After the morning training session you eat, either you go out to a restaurant or Shum (Master Pimu's wife) will cook. All dietary requirements are catered for.
Nearby restaurant
Mixed vegetables
By the time you have eaten it is around 9am, one has the day to sight see or relax.

What is there to do near the gym?

Within about ten minutes walking distance there are a few shops, Tesco Lotus, Seven Eleven. Here you can buy all your basic supplies.

Five minutes in a taxi which should cost around 50 baht or walking which would take about 45 minutes there is Fashion Island a huge mall where you will definitely get everything imaginable.

Fashion Island is a shopping mall located on Ramintra Road, in Khan Na Yao district outskirt of Bangkok, Thailand. Some of the anchors are

Robinson Department Store
Major Cineplex
Home Pro


Sports shop
Children's play area
Starbucks a great place to unwind and use the wifi (At the time of this post they charged for wifi)
The afternoon training session starts around 4pm (ish) depending on how hot it is. The training mirrors the morning session, again afterwards you will eat.
The evening is yours to either relax or pop to the cinema at Fashion Island.
I usually go to sleep by 9:30pm, as being a forty year old fatty I get tired very easily!


Thai Visa…..

Thai Visa…..


I am looking into training in Thailand at the WPT Gym in Bangkok. The teacher is called Master Pimu, it is a basic gym with non of the tourist glitz…basically a great place where one wants to learn the art of Muay Thai. There have been and still are many world champions train at this gym.

At the time of writing if you fly into Thailand, UK passport holders are allowed a stay of up to 30 days. Coming in by land you only get 15 days. If one wants to stay longer then 30 days a visa is required.

When I first looked into a visa I requested a 'ED' visa the consul in Birmingham, UK, informed me that they now issue a 'B' visa.

The following documents should be presented to the Thai Consul:

  1. Correct Fee – £50.00 for single entry and £125.00 for multiple entries (subject to change without notice) Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for three months and one year respectively.
  2. Visa application form completely filled out & signed
  3. Passport with not less than 6 months after your return
  4. Two passport sized photographs taken within the past six months
  5. Letter of acceptance from the concerned schools/universities or institutes – usually a letter from Master Pimu addressed to yourself inviting you onto a Muay Thai course
  6. Official Note certifying the purpose of travel from the Government Agencies /Embassies and Consulates / International Organisations / State Enterprises in Thailand. Master Pimu will send you a letter stating the companies registration details, this will be in Thai

It is also a good idea to email the consul your documents have them check it over and confirm everything is in order before you pop down.

The above information can also be found on:

You have two choices, post the above to the consul or just visit their offices. I went to the one in Birmingham:

Royal Thai Consulate
One Victoria Square
B1 1BD
Telephone : +44 (0) 121 643 9481
Facsimile: +44 (0) 121 643 9485
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8.00am until 11.30am

Don't be fooled by the Regus building, go in and ask to see somebody from the Thai Consul. A staff member comes down and checks your paperwork pops up and literally ten minutes later comes back down with your visa! Simple and fast!

Flights with BA were getting expensive so I booked as soon as possible. on the BA website I tried to pay by cash and Avios points (The name for BA frequent flyers miles) the the cost was 50,000 points and £800 in taxes. The standard ticket is £600!

I called customer services who offered me a ticket for £422 and 50,000 points, which is much more reasonable.

The better option would have been buy a world traveller plus and then use the Avios points to upgrade to business.


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