Fort Bragg…..

According to the guide books Fort Bragg is the ugly sister of Mendocino. As one lady from Mendocino described Fort Bragg “it is more red neck then Mendocino!” So we decided to drive to this red neck town!! Once we arrived there it was a nice town with the usual chains CVS, McDonald’s!

As soon as we entered there was a botanical garden which Sangeet wanted to go to, I did not like the idea and thought it would be boring. It actually turned out to be really good, there were some places I found funny, like the meadow, should have been called dead meadow! Suppose just the wrong season, just trying to make a cheap joke! The lady who was behind e counter looked like one of the ladies to Golden Girls (old comedy, damn I am showing my age!!)

We parked the car on the Main Street and went to a vegan and raw cafe called Living Light Cafe 301 North Main Street in Fort Bragg, CA,USA. The food was fantastic and VERY healthy, I think this is the most healthiest I have eaten since the immersion!

In the same location we saw a yoga studio advertising Kundalini yoga classes, how nice.

Whilst eating our late lunch, we saw a couple of ladies registering students for a living well course, this course trains you on cooking healthy raw foods, not sure cooking and raw go in the same sentence! One lady registered and a man from the living well company approached her and said welcome to the living well family, she had a huge grin…it made me wonder, do we need the urge to feel that we are part of a family? It is a bit like the immersion, they told us we are part of the KRI family, what does that actually mean….does it mean you can go to another city/country and find a KRI teacher and say hey I am also a teacher we are family, can I stay at your house?!?!? If it does please let me know….do not know why we are spending money on motels!

Anyway, back to the ladies registering, I noticed the sign saying “the raw revolution” – achieve permanent weight loss! One of the ladies was hugely overweight, not sure she was a good advertisement?! The cafe was situated in an old building called The Union Timber Company Store Building, once you got your food you sat in the open area, which is very nice as you can see the people walking past or on this day registering for the course. Also the staff at the cafe are trained at the institute of gourmet raw cuisine.


Well we have all graduated!! Well done to all the class of 2012 a job well done!

The ceremony was breathtaking, we first had to throw a piece of paper with something we wanted to get rid of into a fire then we said a prayer and let a flower go. Finally we stood on the bridge and said the following:

“I speak this inspiration from my heart as a teacher and will embody its wisdom”

(followed by a inspiration)
I chose:
Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too.

Then said:
I now step into our global community of Kundalini Yoga teachers.

I was very fortunate to have Sangeet and Sat Sundri attend my graduation. Sat Sundri was the first person we met on our first trip to Espanola in 2005. Every time we go to Espanola we make sure of seeing her. She is a fantastic and inspiring lady.

Party Time…..

I had gone for a walk, on the way back to the house I met Iris who said Sangeet had arrived! I was very happy to see Sangeet, Randeep Meerat and Satjoat. I was missing Sangeet so much it was fantastic to see her.

Vladimir and Melanie had cooked food which was very nice. The chef had made bread, so amazing how everything came together at the last minute. We even had other guests from the course over, which made it a fantastic evening.

2nd Practicum….

Today I taught my second practicum ‘foundation for infinity’, the examiners were Sat Siri Kaur and Kiran Kaur. Sat Siri Kaur holds fantastic Kundalini Yoga classes, so as you can imagine I was nervous!

I was so happy when Sat Siri Kaur gave me excellent feedback!

Santa Fe…..

We (Deva and myself) spent the morning in Santa Fe.  There was a Indian Flea Market which was fantastic.  We had breakfast at a great Italian restaurant, later we were joined by Prithinder.  Pictures to follow…….

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