Wedding anniversary…..

Wedding anniversary…..

Our wedding anniversary, Sangeet has sent a huge very tasty cake!

When I went to the kitchen with the gold house mates I noticed a piece missing!!!!

I am furious!!!

Iris Yan who does fantastic cartoons did the following:

Keep an eye out, she is very talented!!

Her website is:

Pigs in Maputo

On the way to Espanola…..

On the way to Espanola…..

I have just landed at Chicago O’Hare international and am awaiting the American Airlines flight to Albuquerque, the first thing everybody should do is try out Garrett Popcorn, I recommend choosing ‘The Chicago Mix’ a blend of Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn, a fantastic combination.


Also worth a mention, the wifi at the Admirals club lounge is fast and free!


Until next time Chicago……..


After a turbulent flight to Albuquerque, I was met at the airport by my very good friend Prith. He arranged for the courtesy shuttle to take us to the Sheraton airport hotel, the room rate was supposed to be $119 per night plus taxes, but we negotiated on $89, also helped that we were SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest member)

I met Prith two years ago at Espanola whilst Sangeet was attending the immersion course, I flew to Espanola to surprise Sangeet with a big chocolate cake, then I thought about driving to Denver to catch up with some friends, something was just telling me to turn back and stay in Espanola. In the meantime, Prith was doing a road trip of the USA and was told by a yoga teacher to visit Espanola, which he did. What was supposed to be a three to four hour visit for Prith to Espanola turned out to be 4 days! Another one of our friends Deva Singh, who was living in Espanola hooked up with us and we had a fantastic time which helped our friendship bond together.

Sheraton hotel Albuquerque

After a good night’s rest we headed out to Walmart to get some supplies, on entering the store somebody shouted out Obama lock and load, I think he meant to say Osama!

I also needed to get a 3G sim so can stay connected, we went to the T -mobile, unfortunately, the frequency was different so my only option was to buy a MiFi unit at a cost of $170! In the end, Prith was able to tether his iPhone through Verizon for $20 per month.

Back on the road to Espanola via Santa Fe for a spot of lunch and sightseeing. Lunch was at India Palace a nice restaurant which is at 227 Don Gasper Ave, Santa Fe. Our last unhealthy meal before immersion:

We popped into The Signature Gallery and met the artist Phillip Payne, he was very kind to spend some time with us and gave us a story of his art.



After a wonderful time in Santa Fe, onwards to Espanola.

We arrived in Espanola around 17:30 and went to the Gurdwara. Afterwards, we were shown our room.


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