After checking out of the motel we drove to the Gurdwara on Bogue Road.
Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Temple
2269 Bogue Road
Yuba City, CA 95993
Tel: (530) 671-9816

The Gurdwara is situated in a great location, in between orchards and is built in ten acres of land which was donated by a member of the local Sikh community.

4 Oct 2012 11:55

4 Oct 2012 13:04

4 Oct 2012 12:50

4 Oct 2012 12:22

4 Oct 2012 11:36

After bowing before the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, we had lungar.

4 Oct 2012 11:49

Afterwards we walked around the Gurdwara grounds outside and some elderly Sikh community members called us over and asked where we are from, what are we doing in Yuba, have we family in Yuba…the usual! Then a gentlemen called Gurbax Singh came over, he had brought hot samosas for all. As I was very full from lungar I declined and just had some coke. He went on to say ‘all the orchards do not mean we are rich we are also in debt…..’ not sure what brought this on, I think he thought we were interested in moving to Yuba City to start farming. He then asked me what caste am I?!?! (As Sikhs we do not believe in a caste system) I just replied saying I am a Sikh…he then guessed from my turban style that I was from East Africa (I am very proud to be from East Africa) I said yes and he gave me a lecture on Idi Amin!

The time spent with the elderly sangat members was very enjoyable – between them they gave us a positive and negative perspective on the farming business.

4 Oct 2012 13:06

Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Yuba City, California was opened in April 1980 and serves over 15,000 Sikhs in the area since the area is home to many Sikhs. 10 acres of land was donated by Chanchal S. Rai to construct the Gurdwara and a committee was formed. This Gurdwara is also 6 miles away from another Gurdwara in Yuba City on Tierra Buena Rd (we went there yesterday). The Gurdwara has a main Langar hall, and prayer hall and welcomes those from all faiths (or none!).

By the way, we received an email from our close sister, she mentioned that Chardi Kala Jatha will be doing Kirtan in Yuba city this weekend, something not to be missed!

As we were travelling to the Gurdwara we saw a couple of shops Delhi Fashions and Apna Bazaar. So after the Gurdwara we went to the shops. Delhi fashions, as you can imagine was an Indian clothes shop. Apna Bazaar was selling the usual Indian spices. From the bazaar we bought a kulfi lolly each. Mine was pistachio and Sangeet’s was cream of milk mmmmmm tasty!!!

4 Oct 2012 13:38

We said our goodbyes to Yuba City and headed south on interstate 5 to Sacramento, the state capital of California.

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