East coast…..

On the east coast we had a few days in NYC where we did not need the car. We only hired the car when we were heading to Washington DC, it was a VW Jetta, as I am a member of hertz number one gold, I automatically get a 30% discount a free upgrade and Sangeet is able to drive the car at no extra cost. We usually hire the smallest car possible….as this is USA they hardly have anything small and upgrade you two classes up. This is why I keep say it is worth joining these associations e.g. Hertz, Hilton honours, etc

NYC is a very busy, people are in a mad rush to get around and do nothing! You ever had that? You say you have a very busy weekend….come Sunday night you look back and think what have I actually achieved this weekend?

The restaurants in NYC have been fantastic, plenty of choice and some great vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Saying that by the time Sat Nan Fest had come to a close, we were looking forward to spending time in NYC.

The weather has been mild (for me) around the 80’s (F) having spent 4 weeks topping up my suntan in New Mexico I am used to temperatures of 90F plus! Sangeet has loved the weather, just the right temperature.

Washington DC has felt more relaxed and the people are a lot friendlier….does not feel like a capital city….as soon as we drove into downtown Washington DC we fell in love with it.

Around the east coast we went through the following states, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia.

On the whole the people have been friendly, which is one of the many factors I like about the States.

Sat Nam fest was a perfect ending to the time on the east coast, we thoroughly enjoyed the kundalini yoga and live music performances. I found that because people are only here for 4 days they are not as friendly and it is only small chat they are interested in, perhaps I am comparing this to the immersion course. Saying that, there were a few couples who gave their addresses and said next time you are staying at our house, please let is know when you pick up your bags at the airport and we will come to collect you!

The time spent with my very good friend Prithinder was really needed. It seemed like ours texts were cold to one another. Physically meeting one another is what we both needed….it was great to see him, even though he had not been on the course he was glowing more then me….perhaps it was because he met me!?!?!!

Staying the night at Sartaj and Barb’s amazing house was great. Really nice to be able to feel at home away from home.

Also I have known Ravinder for 5 years this is the only time we managed to spend quality time together…usually in Espanola we are attending a course and he is busy selling on the course. Just the way things happened…that he flew into Dulles and we were around Herndon (20 minutes away.)

Farewell Washington DC…..

Farewell Washington DC…..

Well our last day this side. We went to sadhana at the ashram in Herndon. Afterwards Gurtrang picked us up for coffee where we went to Reston Starbucks. Another fantastic town.

Gurtrang told us his life story which was fantastic and inspirational to hear.

After saying our goodbyes Sangeet and I headed to Washington DC where we went to the Marriott hotel, the wifi is free! Later we headed to Washington memorial and the Lincoln memorial, the Lincoln. Memorial is something I have been wanting to see for a very long time.

12 Sep 2012 09:38

We had lunch at a fantastic vegan restaurant:

Great sage
5809 Clarksville Square Drive
Clarksville‎ MD‎ 21029
United States. Which is about 45 minutes away it was worth the trip. The desserts are amazing and worth trying.

12 Sep 2012 14:32

12 Sep 2012 14:32

12 Sep 2012 14:36

12 Sep 2012 14:41

12 Sep 2012 14:41

12 Sep 2012 15:15

12 Sep 2012 15:15

12 Sep 2012 15:58

Over eaten as usual!!!!

12 Sep 2012 15:09

We went back go Washington dc for more sightseeing and walking the beautiful city.

12 Sep 2012 18:31

12 Sep 2012 18:30

12 Sep 2012 18:38

12 Sep 2012 18:42

12 Sep 2012 18:32

12 Sep 2012 18:45

12 Sep 2012 18:44

12 Sep 2012 18:57

12 Sep 2012 19:06

12 Sep 2012 19:18

12 Sep 2012 20:03

Around 9:30 we drove to Dulles airport to meet our very good friend Ravi, who was also going to Sat Nam Fest. Ravi runs a fantastic company called Tuhi Tuhi

You cannot come in…..!

You cannot come in…..!

Well we found a vegetarian Indian restaurant called Indian Delight, which is based in an federal government building. On entry to the building we had to go through metal detectors, I informed the security of my Kirpan and was refused entry!!

O man! We are back at Barnes and Noble, I had a spinach and feta pretzel, Sangeet had a thick tomato soup , good but not as good as the Indian would have been!

Btw Barnes and Noble have great free wifi


Hello Washington…..

Hello Washington…..

Just arrived in Washington DC, it has a fantastic vibe and although we have just got here have instantly found a liking to it. Now looking for accommodation and food!






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