Great friends…..

Great friends…..

Last day at this amazing location, we were very lucky that the lady at the information centre in Truckee mentioned this hotel. The hotel is in a town called Camp Richardson which has a population of 75, it is only ten minutes drive from South Lake Tahoe.

Before making our way to Bliss Cafe, we walked to the beach which is about five minutes away from the hotel. We made our last trip to Bliss Cafe for breakfast, I had the pecan waffles. Sangeet had the chocolate chip pancakes. These were balanced with very healthy smoothies!

The short walk to the beach

The cabins you can stay at

The beach




The walk back to the car

One last stop at Bliss Cafe

Vegan and gluten free chocolate chip pancakes

Vegan and gluten free peach waffle

The scenic drive to Sacremento




The drive to Danville is around three hours, we decided to stop for lunch at

Plum Cafe
2315 K Street
CA 95816
T: +1 (916) 706-3302


Mon 11a-9p
Tues 11a-9p
Wed 11a-9p
Thur 11a-9p
Fri 11a-10p
Sat 11a-10p
Sun 10a-8p [Brunch 10am-2pm]

Sangeet asked for a gluten free burger and no tempeh (as it contains gluten) the bun was gluten free but she got Tempeh in the burger which was missing from mine so Sangeet gave it to me. When one places an order for food the staff give you some fruit as a table marker, when the waiter who also cooked the food came out he asked if that was a pear on our table… was an apple, not sure how, especially a chef can make this mistake!


The burger was very good. As we have been to this restaurant before we can definitely recommend it.

Onwards to our very good friends in Danville.

On arrival in Danville I remembered why I want to move to the Bay Area, this town is amazing, pristine and has many gated communities. So love this place!

We drove up to Gurrinder’s house, Gurrinder paji (brother) and phenji (sister) came out to welcome us, it was great seeing them.

The evening was spent chatting and playing with their six year old sun called Daya Singh. Phenji had cooked a amazing meal which we all thoroughly enjoyed in their lovely garden where we spotted a hummingbird!



Driving south to Sacramento we passed gorgeous golden fields, you can tell this is a very big farming area.

4 Oct 2012 14:11

4 Oct 2012 13:53

We arrived in Sacramento, drove through downtown and went to The Plum Cafe.

The Plum Cafe
2315 K Street
CA 95816
Tel + 1 916 706 3302

4 Oct 2012 14:31

4 Oct 2012 14:30


This is a vegan cafe and a lot of options are gluten free. Sangeet had the California Burger, which she enjoyed very much! I had a cupcake (I had a big lungar at the Gurdwara earlier!) which was gluten free and vegan. It was amazing and I was hooked on them! The staff are very friendly and the service is good.

Afterwards we walked to the Capitol building which was about ten blocks away. You would never notice as the city is flat – walking feels so easy. The temperature was around 85 degrees f which for me was good.


4 Oct 2012 16:36

The Capitol building is amazing and the grounds around it are so pristine. On the way back to the car we passed through the Capitol buildings gardens, they had the amazing Redwoods and other trees/plants which were all labeled, and some interesting shops. The atmosphere in Sacramento is really relaxed – nice city.

Orange tree in the park!

4 Oct 2012 17:08

4 Oct 2012 17:22

4 Oct 2012 17:02

4 Oct 2012 16:13

4 Oct 2012 16:15

4 Oct 2012 16:19

Before leaving ‘Sac’ we went to a shop that specialised in gluten free products, Sangeet wanted to see it as she had never been to a totally gluten free shop before.

Gluten Free Specialty Market
2612 J Street #1, Sacramento
Tel +1 916 442-5241
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 10am-4pm

4 Oct 2012 18:10

Instead I was in heaven and stocked up, Sangeet only bought a yoghurt (just to keep me company)! I bought hummus, cookies and crostini.

We got back to the car and headed south on Interstate 5, west on 580 and then south on 680 to San Jose (silicon valley!)

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