We found the best way to travel is by purchasing a metro card depending on how long you are here for. You can buy one for a week or monthly. Or if you wish just top up the card as and when needed. At the time of this blog a journey costs $2:25 regardless of the distance it could be one stop or from 110st to Lefferts Blvd which is a considerable distance. If you are topping up the card it is best to top up on increments of $2:25. Thus making sure when you have finished the balance is $0.



Catch you soon…..

Harinam, Sangeet and I got back onto the underground after having a fantastic night. We wold like thank Harinam for taking time out to show us Greenwich and will be seeing him and his wife very soon!

Anyone for lollipop…..?

Anyone for lollipop…..?

After leaving the caffe we bumped into a very friendly bunch of people selling marijuana lollipops, they asked Harinam if he would like to buy one, he kindly refused, they then asked what religion are we? Harinam explained we are Sikhs. Almost suddenly everybody wanted to take pictures of us!

They were so friendly and a fantastic bunch of guys, I wish them well in their business.



The gang!
A fantastic group of people!!


Greenwich Village…..

Greenwich Village…..

After spending time with a fantastic sangat, Harinam, Sarah, Sangeet and myself took the underground (F line) back to the hotel. Sarah got off three stop later as she lives in Brooklyn. Harinam kindly said he will show us Greenwich where we can have a coffee.

Greenwich is the most expensive area in Manhattan. It did not look like it! Harinam explained there will be exclusive pockets where the prices will be very high.

We first stopped for frozen yoghurt at G R O M in Greenwich village:
233 Bleecker St
New York‎ NY‎ 10014

Sangeet had the mint chocolate chip and Harinam had mint chocolate chip and sorbet. They do eggless ice creams and they are fantastic.


On the way to see Siri Vishnu…..

On the way to see Siri Vishnu…..

We walked over to Siri Vishnu’s office, as he is going go give us a lift go their house. On the way we walked through Madison Square Garden. A nice pleasant park, then we headed towards The Empire State building. Boy that building is tall!

Also met this chap telling me off!






After lunch we walked to FedEx and the post office, as we need to send a prescription home for some malarone tablets. We found the 6 – 10 day service through the post office to be the cheapest. On walking back to Broadway, Sangeet spotted a hotel by the name of Yotel so we decided to check availability and price. They had rooms available, Sangeet loved the hotel and convinced me that we should book it


Afterwards we walked to Central Park, where we spotted the Hugo Boss shop!


As it was getting fairly late we decided to head back to Times Square via Broadway. What a amazing atmosphere.



More pictures in Flickr

On the way back to the previous hotel we bumped into Snoop Dog


Also saw some fantastic street performers:
Broadway street performers








We then headed back to the four points hotel to pick up our rucksacks.

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