Is this life…..?

Is this life…..?

Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on November 22nd 2013: 77.3kg


When I started training at the WPT gym in Bangkok, I was so wishing the three months would quickly pass… I have roughly ten days, I am thinking why did I wish the time away…..? Especially as I am making excellent progress with my weight loss and fitness.

This is what could be possible with my current training and diet:

Oops I just read the statement about putting my body in starvation mode!!

This has made me think, is life like this? Are we wishing this wonderful gift of life away? When we are young we are always wishing to be older so we can do ‘adult’ things, e.g. drive a car. Go out traveling, not have to be told what to do. Then when we are adults we are thinking I want to retire…..!

On a Monday one would go to work wishing Friday would quickly arrive. Literally not living and enjoying each moment but always looking towards the future.

This was my experience here, always looking forward to going home and giving Sangeet a huge hug. Sometimes hating being here, especially after the first month when I was training very hard and not making any dent to my weight.

Two years ago when I had the huge weight loss, within 4 weeks I had gone from 95kg to 70kg (so wish I had joined weight watchers, I would have been their ultimate winner, then could have gone on various chat shows, e.g. Oprah and “discussed” how I lost the weight through meditation and yoga, I could have made billions!!) the surgeon without taking any biopsies and whilst I was in theatre fully awake with a camera up my….well I am sure you know where. He announced I had cancer!! The week that followed was just so painful, I was in tears, in fact writing and thinking about it now has started to make my eyes water. Only then I wished I had done the things you are always putting off to the future.

We are always putting things off to the future, “I will go traveling when I retire” or whatever your heart desires. We should make the most of life and do it now. Who knows we may not reach the retirement age…..!!


Eat to live…..or live to eat…..?

Eat to live…..or live to eat…..?

Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on November 20th 2013: 80.8kg


How much do we really need to eat…..?

I never asked myself this question until I started training here in Bangkok. In the UK my philosophy was what the hell just eat away, sometimes I would try and eat healthy, go to the gym and not see any weight loss, I thought to myself I am eating food which I am not really enjoying, I would then just go back to eating naughty foods!

Training and living here has let me experiment with my eating habits, when I first started, I ate two very large meals a day, both after training. There was no in-between snacking. At first this felt great, eat as much as possible, you will definitely burn it off. After the first month my weight had hardly changed!

I then cut out the rice and ate more vegetables. Excellent for a few days until I seemed to be loosing my energy. The electrolytes came next, this helped a bit but not much, I found just drinking plain iced water helped a lot more.

Now comes wearing a sweatsuit, the first few weeks were exhausting. I did the walk/run came back to the gym and literally collapsed! I needed large amounts of water, which annoyed Master Pimu!

For the lack of energy I tried eating a banana before training, for some people this may help but I found myself being more sluggish…..
Also tried eating once a day. You would think I will have no energy and actually you are right, I lasted about one round of hitting the pads after that my performance just went down hill!! At first eating once a day I was loosing half a kilogram per training session then after a few days my weight had shot up!!
At the moment after the morning training session I would have a small portion of vegetables, no rice. Around 13:30 I will have some fruit. In the evening I will have another small bowl of vegetables.
I know some people have said that fruit is not the best but at the moment for me it seems to be working…..I have energy for my training sessions, which are so much more intense, the last two weeks are going to be crazy…..!!!
As yet I am still working on eating habits that suit me…..
What works for you…..?


Open note to myself…..

Open note to myself…..

This is an open note to myself, when things are getting tough or I want to give up, I can look back and read this. Also it reminds me to carry on eating healthy!

I have worked extremely hard over the last 2.5 months, the training has been very tough, extreme Muay Thai training twice a day in the intense heat. You could say I have gone to the extremes in order to get onto a healthy lifestyle. So far it has been worth it! It would be a big shame to see this gone to waste.


My workouts now consist of 420 sit ups and 150 knees per session, so 840 sit-ups per day, before I leave Bangkok this will have increased to 1000 sit-ups a day. In the UK, I started doing sit-ups and got to 50 after a while I gave up, when I tried to get back into doing sit-ups I found 10 very hard!!

Sometimes one takes for granted at what level they have reached. When one sees no fast results it is easy to give up.


I am way ahead of all of you…..

I am way ahead of all of you…..

According to the Buddhist Era I am in the year 2556…..

Thailand mainly uses the Buddhist Era which is 543 years ahead of the Gregorian year. The year AD 2006 is indicated as 2549 BE in Thailand. Despite adopting ISO 8601 (see below,) Thai official date is still written in DDMMYYYY format, such as 1 January 2549 BE (AD 2006) or 23/04/2555.

ISO 8601 Data elements and interchange formats – Information interchange – Representation of dates and times is an international standard covering the exchange of date and time-related data. It was issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and was first published in 1988. The purpose of this standard is to provide an unambiguous and well-defined method of representing dates and times, so as to avoid misinterpretation of numeric representations of dates and times, particularly when data is transferred between countries with different conventions for writing numeric dates and times.The standard organizes the data so the largest temporal term (the year) appears first in the data string and progresses to the smallest term (the second). It also provides for a standardized method of communicating time-based information across time zones by attaching an offset to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Looking around you wonder if in the future the world will be like this.

Some people have no time, they are working 7 days a week, every three to four months, if the employer decides, they can take a day off!

When people are in restaurants, bars and even clubs they are always attached to their smartphones/tablets, they just need to know what everybody else is doing, they then feel the need to tell everybody else what they are doing.

Could this be a Facebook entry of the future?

“I have just been on the dance floor, danced to the music, it felt strange dancing and not being able to check my phone. Luckily the dance only lasted 1 minute so my phone and I were not apart for long!”

Then there is the traffic, a short journey takes so long because of the crazy traffic jams and nobody walks, they love taking busses, taxis or motorbike taxis. When mentioned that I was going for a walk to the Tesco Lotus, everybody was in shock they said take a taxi as it is very far! It is a 20 minute walk!!

Pollution is just so bad, you are walking in the street and the bus passes you all you can see is black exhaust fumes, one just has to cover their nose!




Starting weight: 88.8kg
Target weight: 63kg
Weight recorded on November 2nd 2013: 82.8kg
For the final month of training I have decided to rent an apartment. It is a 10 minute walk from the gym.
At this point I attached some pictures of the apartment and realised my kachera were in full view! so better clean up and take more pictures!
my apartment
The next picture was taken when I first viewed the apartment
As I have stayed in the 'village/ghetto' as I like to call it for two months, people have started to know who I am and become friendly. When I was moving to the apartment people stopped me in the street and asked “are you leaving?” They actually had a sad look! I said I am moving to the apartment at Lumpini Condo Town. They all seemed happy, it felt like the boy from the ghetto had done well!!
As you can see the apartment is very compact, but it is a nice bug free environment. Also, I get hot water, which helps my bruises!
When I was living and training at the gym it just did not feel like I got any downtime, being in the apartment now feels like I get downtime and am able to attend the training sessions with a fresh mind/feel…….in fact I have now even started training in Sundays.
Also, as I am still teaching English and finishing around 9:30pm, I will not have to walk back to the gym, where most of the time the village dogs chase me………I fear dogs, they chase me, snakes scare me and I see so many…..!!


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