Mandeep Singh: Travel Blogger, Adventurer & secret Muay Thai Ninja…

Traveling the globe and sharing my experiences in pictures and stories along the way. Why? Because life is short and as Mark Twain said once “it is better to regret the things we have done than those we did not'”


– most importantly enjoy the blog and please feel free to share!

The best coffee shop in London…..?

After many trips to America where I found amazing coffee shops, the atmosphere was relaxing, you could sit in them and chill or if you wish,...

Nominated for the Liebster Award 2017

After a personal revamp and also a revamp of the blog I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated for The Liebster Award 2017 award....

First post after some time!


Thank You…..!!!!

I have done it!! Sparring and learning clinching from Master Pimu. I could spend a year here and still only have a fraction of what knowledge Master...

The Run…..

  At the beginning of the training session, one does a run. The above map shows the run and the sprinting area.   S1 - a lot...

Eat to live…..or live to eat…..?

Starting weight: 88.8kgTarget weight: 63kgWeight recorded on November 20th 2013: 80.8kg  How much do we really need to eat.....? I never asked...

Open note to myself…..

This is an open note to myself, when things are getting tough or I want to give up, I can look back and read this. Also it reminds me to carry on...

Changing bad habits…..

Starting weight: 88.8kg Target weight: 63kg Weight recorded on November 12th 2013: 82.2kg Over the last two months, I have proved to myself, that if...

Pad work & sweatsuit…..!!

For the running I am now wearing a sweat suit. This is basically wearing a rubber suit which helps you sweat more....actually the sweat pours out!!...

Why no weight loss…..?

Starting weight: 88.8kg Target weight: 63kg Weight recorded on September 13 2013: 88.5kg I have been training for two weeks and still not had any...

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Nice to meet you…

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, feel free and have a look around.  Here is a bit about me, as you may or may not have guessed my name is Mandeep,  I work to travel as opposed to work to pay bills and die!  Every trip for me is an adventure, I have been very fortunate to stumble across amazing places and meet awesome people along the way.  

Why gaygoat?  When I first started this blog I was a vegetarian, so gaygoat – happy goat!  Also you have to admit it is catchy and a URL you will not forget!

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