Muay Thai…..

My cousin Jagpaul had sent me detail of a Muay Thai teacher, Master Pimu. Juggi told me to take a few lessons as it will do my health some good.

After calling and making an appointment to see Master Pimu, I took a taxi to the gym which is an hour away from the hotel.

The gym is amazing, it has three punch/kick bags a ring and accommodation around it. Master Pimu sat with me and said “people come to him for at least a month not two days. I can teach you the basics”. He then went on to say “I have sick man staying here” whilst his wife was knocking on his door trying to get him up. I asked if I can train at 4pm he said yes. I bought a pair of Muay Thai shorts. He showed me a room and told me to rest there. Later the ‘sick’ man came out of his room, Master Pimu was actually saying Sikh! I was so happy to see a fellow Sikh, his name is Kirpal Singh from the UK. He is very fortunate to be able to learn from Master Pimu for a year! Kirpal and I sat for a while chatting, he is a fantastic guy.




As it was approaching 4 pm I was getting very nervous. Here I am in a real Muay Thai gym, training from a Master! A dream come true…..Kirpal told me to relax!

The training starts with a run around the block, 4 laps equates to 2.2 miles, as I had my walking shoes I walked it!

I did 4 laps…..well it is my first time! Then came back to the gym for some stretching.

Right first lesson, stance and movement, then jabbing followed by right punch. The time went so quickly and I loved the class. Master Pimu is world renowned and I am very fortunate to be able to learn from him. He and his family are so humble and very kind. Here is a man who is very highly respected but so down to earth! I have so much respect for Master Pimu. This truly has been a dream come true.

After the class had finished, Master Pimu got a taxi for me…….what an awesome day

What I must remember:
Distance Position Footwork

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2 Responses to Muay Thai…..

  1. Bruno says:

    Give details of Master Pimu . I want to make a pilgram to his training camp for about month or two .

    • Gaygoat says:

      Hi Bruno,

      Hope you are well.

      You can call Master Pimu directly on +66 833050318 or email
      The gym is about twenty minutes from the Mall at Bangkapi and ten to fifteen minutes from Fashion Island.
      30 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport

      WPT Gym
      Nawamin 163 Yaek 12-10
      Amon Wiwat
      Bangkok, Khlong Kum 10240
      00 66 833050318

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