Muay Thai…..

This morning was an early start 7am, Sangeet went to the Gurdwara to celebrate Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s birthday. We both went to the Gurdwara where I paid my respects and went to the gym. Sangeet stayed at the Gurdwara.

Normally there are two Muay Thai classes a day 7am until 9am and 16:00 until 18:00. Today I learnt about clinching and had a clinching session with another guy. Afterwards both of necks were very stiff! I also did some pad work and sparring. The class finished at 11am. Another amazing class, I was so exhausted but can feel it doing my body some good. I really want to comeback and train here for at least a month.

Later, I headed back to the hotel. Sangeet got back around 1pm. She could tell I was thrilled with the Muay Thai, by the way I was telling her about it!

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