Learn on the go…..!!!

It was 2005 when I first drove a car in America, I was a bit apprehensive, driving on the other side, I thought to myself “wow that will be difficult.” In my mind I had built up what a difficult task it would be. Sangeet and I had hired the car in downtown Boston, at the best time possible, rush hour!!

To my surprise and I think Sangeet's relief, I picked up driving in the USA very easily. Driving around, with Sangeet doing a great job at navigating we found the way out of downtown and was soon driving towards the state parks. These days, when landing in America we pick up a rental car and drive to our destination, regardless of the distance.

Now in Thailand there are a lot of people who ride motorbikes and scooters, it is very cool and you feel the urge to ride. On our six month trip we hired a scooter in the Cook Islands, that is where we first learnt to ride. When I picked it up, the lady asked “have you ridden before” I said no, she suggested that I go for a test ride in the car park….I nearly rode off the edge and into the lagoon!! Sangeet drove the scooter like she has always been riding one!

Yesterday for the first time I rode a motorbike this has four gears, it was such a cool experience, yes, I know before you say, Bangkok is no place to learn, but hey I have been doing Muay Thai for the last three months!!

I can handle and deal with whatever I put my mind to…..


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